Taktvoll Envisions Arab Health 2024, Showcasing New Milestones in Medical Technology Domain


Taktvoll is set to make a reappearance at the upcoming Arab Health 2024 exhibition to be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The exhibition aims to spotlight the company’s forefront technologies and innovations in the field of medical technology, offering a platform for the company to play its role on the international stage.

Our Booth: SA.L51.

Established in 2013, Taktvoll is a company specializing in electro-surgical equipment, focusing its core business on technological innovation and cutting-edge research and development. Despite being a relatively new face on the international stage, Taktvoll has been gaining attention gradually owing to its robust R&D capabilities and high-quality product standards.

The Arab Health exhibition stands as one of the highly anticipated gatherings globally in the field of medical technology, providing an excellent platform for exhibitors and industry professionals to showcase the latest technologies and foster business growth. Taktvoll intends to leverage this opportunity to showcase its latest medical devices, technologies, and services, seeking engagements and collaborations with international counterparts to further drive innovation and development in medical technology.

About Taktvoll:
Taktvoll is an emerging company specializing in electro-surgical equipment, committed to propelling the development of medical technology and innovation, offering reliable solutions to the healthcare industry.

Post time: Dec-01-2023