Full-Color LCD Touchscreen argon plasma coagulation APC 3000PLUS

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Touchscreen Argon Plasma Coagulation APC-3000 PLUS with 7-inch full-color LCD touchscreen

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7-inch high-definition LCD touchscreen display.
Precision Flow Control System with an adjustable range of 0.1 L/min to 12 L/min and an adjustment accuracy of 0.1 L/min for more precise flow control. Automatic self-testing upon startup and automatic pipeline flushing.
Equipped with a graded blockage alarm function, and it automatically stops when completely blocked.
Dual gas cylinder supply with low cylinder pressure alarm and automatic cylinder switchover.
Features an endoscopy/open surgery mode selection button. In endoscopy mode, during argon gas coagulation, the electrocautery function is disabled. Pressing the "Cut" pedal on the footswitch in this state does not activate the electrocautery function. When exiting this state, the electrocautery function is restored.
Dual Interface Output Function.



Open Surgery

General Surgery Large-area coagulation
Hepatobiliary Surgery Liver transplant
Cardiothoracic Surgery Coronary artery bypass
Traumatology Orthopedics Hemostasis for vascular tumors, soft tissue, and bone surface
Oncology Inactivation of cancer cell tissue

Endoscopic Surgery

Respiratory Medicine Tumor and cancer cell inactivation in the respiratory tract
General Surgery Extensive coagulation under laparoscopy in general surgery
Gynecology Extensive coagulation and cancer cell inactivation under laparoscopy
Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) Coagulation and cancer cell inactivation under laparoscopy
Gastroenterology Treatment of ulcers, erosions, advanced esophageal cancer strictures, multiple polyps and adenomas, fissured gastritis, gastrointestinal




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