E41633 reusable electrosurgical Blade Electrode

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E41633 reusable blade electrosurgical electrodes tip 28x2mm, shaft 2.36mm, length 70mm

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E41633 eusable blade electrosurgical electrodes tip 28x2mm, shaft 2.36mm, length 70mm

What is electrosurgical electrode?

An electrosurgical electrode is a medical instrument used in electrosurgery, a medical procedure that utilizes high-frequency electrical currents to cut, coagulate, desiccate, or vaporize tissues during surgical operations. The electrode is a key component of the electrosurgical system and serves as the point of contact through which the electrical energy is applied to the targeted tissue.

The electrosurgical electrode is connected to an electrosurgical generator, which produces the electrical current. By controlling the power settings, surgeons can achieve different effects on tissues, such as cutting through them or coagulating blood vessels. Electrosurgery is widely used in various surgical specialties due to its precision and versatility.

Electrosurgical electrodes come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the specific surgical application. Common shapes include blades, needles, loops, and balls.


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